Men Health Awareness

November 2022

This month we recognise Men's Health Awareness Month, and we take this opportunity to raise awareness to tackle the issues surrounding men’s health.

Did you know there are more reported cases of women facing depression? This doesn’t conclude that men are less likely to suffer from depression; it rather indicates that men are less likely to seek support and therefore go underdiagnosed and undertreated.

According to the NHS UK, suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 50; men account for around three quarters of all suicides. The shocking statistics raise the importance of talking about men’s #mentalhealth.

Though everyone should be encouraged to speak freely about their mental health, notably men are less likely to speak about it than women. Reasons for this might include social ‘norms’, or traditional and dated stereotypes, that suggest that men need to be strong and not surrender to their emotions.

At Russell Bedford, we value our people, and we do our best to support them and their mental health. We encourage everyone to break the #stigma and ask for the #help they need, especially at work.

We continue to provide support through:

  • Regular webinars on mental health and wellbeing;
  • Our Social Impact Committee, which is a platform allowing and encouraging everyone to share their concerns;
  • Creating initiatives to motivate and engage in exercise and team activities, such as our ‘taking you further day’.

#wellbeing #menshealth #menshealthawareness

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